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Constellation Andromeda

Constellation Andromeda

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In the "Constellation Andromeda" bouquet, colored tulips take center stage, showcasing a palette reminiscent of the cosmos itself. The blooms unfold in an array of hues, from the deep purples and blues resembling the vastness of space to the vibrant pinks and yellows reminiscent of distant stars. Each tulip is a unique celestial entity, contributing to the celestial tapestry of the arrangement.

Flowers used: colored tulips

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Do you do same day delivery?

We provide same day delivery at an extra charge within Dubai. Cut off time for the same day delivery is 3 pm.

Do you deliver to other emirates?

We deliver to all of the Emirates.

*For Umm Al Quwain and Al Ain we need to have a pre-order 2 days in advance.

Do you have a physical shop ?

No, we are an online store only for the time being, but we have a pick up and drop off location in Nadd al Hamar

Do your bouquets look exactly like on the photo?

Our bouqets cannot be recreated exactly in the way that you see them in the catalogue as all of them handmade and no flower is identical. However we do our best to make them as similar as possible.